MIX needs new organizers

Would you like to be a part of creating and renewing Denmark's biggest and oldest annual film festival?

MIX COPENHAGEN is a LesbianGayBiTransQueer film festival that holds events throughout the year and shows films during a 10 day festival in October and November.

MIX is 100% driven by volunteer power. The volunteer group changes each year, with people both leaving and joining the festival as the year changes. This means that MIX is dynamic and changeable, and there is a possibility to work together to move MIX in the direction we want.

The MIX year is coming to an end, and the festival is looking for new volunteers who want to be a part of making MIX 2018 a reality.

So how do you join?
You don't need to know how to make a film festival in order to be a part of MIX, but there are some things you should do:
- have time and energy to volunteer around 10 hours a week. Some weeks it will be less work, and some weeks will be more, you should be willing and prepared to give around 10.
- understand Danish and be able to communicate in either Danish or English. The monthly meetings are conducted in Danish so it is important your understanding level is good. If you are not comfortable with expressing yourself in Danish, it is okay to speak English.
- have the first Friday of each month available for the monthly meeting, where all MIXers participate.
- have time for meetings within working groups. These meetings are planned within each group. Each groups meets at least one time a month, some groups more.
- not be planning to be out travelling for more than one consecutive month.
- listen to and respect other people's opinions.
- respect and use the language people use about themselves and their experiences.
- get involved, and take responsibility and initiative - the space is yours.
- be interested in working closely with a group of dedicated co-volunteers.
- be good at communicating and working hard to achieve a common goal.
- be ready to be a part of not only a film festival but also a social space where there is room to grow and get to know each other. Social events are planned throughout the year and its important for MIX that you can be a part of them.

How MIX is structured:
MIX consisted of 13 people in 2017 in 6 working groups. Each person is expected to be in 2 working groups, as this makes it possible for MIX to be a community, as well as better communication between the different groups. We are looking to expand MIX for 2018 with more people.

Group descriptions:
See hundreds of submitted films, research, bargain films home and create a representative film program for the year's festival, as well as nominating films for, and choosing a jury to award, the Lili Award. Program group normally meets once a week.

Do you have loads of energy, and are you welcoming and service-minded? Help looking after our Danish and international guests, as well as our members of jury.

Keeps an eye on the economy, makes partnerships and has a general overview of the festival. This year, MIX is on the lookout for a new treasurer who will learn to juggle the budget and keep an eye on how the money is spent.

Find and employ a graphic designed who works with the group to create a visual identity for the year. Collecting all work from all other groups into a professional and beautiful printed program for the festival guests. Proof reading, language, layout and overview are in focus here.

Making sure that MIX is visual online through Facebook, Instagram, and the homepage, and in the real world through banners and posters. Presents films and MIX news to the media and raising awareness of the festival to increase attendance.

Have you good ideas for exciting, cultural or festive events? And are you willing to take the ideas and make them happen? Then become part of the event group, who are in charge of planning and setting up everything that isn’t directly related to the film screening.

Do you like meeting new people and are you good at keeping an overview? Are you proactive and good and finding solutions to problems when tackling new tasks? Then join the volunteer coordinating group and contribute to expanding the way we currently use external help.

Showing LGBTQ films for children and young people, and facilitating workshops in schools that educate students about gender, sexuality and 'norms'. In 2016, School Film travelled to Greenland! The work don't in School Film makes a huge difference for a lot of young people and is highly valued, so if you are in School Film, you do not need to be more working groups.

There is a kick-off weekend on the last weekend of January (26th-28th) and it is this weekend when we meet and get to know each other. Participation in this weekend is important for team building, and we choose our working groups for the year during this weekend. It would therefore be good if you were able to participate, but send an email (see below) if you are not sure you are able to be there.

MIX is volunteer driven, which means that the work is not paid. But, you learn whole lot of useful and transferable life skills (like making an event, keeping a website running, or creating a PR strategy), as well as a community, delicious food before each monthly meeting, and lots of potential new friends.

If this sounds like something for you, please send an application of max. one A4 page and upload it here with the rest of your information The last day for applying is 8th December at 6 pm (afternoon). MIX will inform which applicants that are to be invited for interviews at latest on sunday the 9th of December. Interviews are held on the 14th and 15th December, so please write which day(s) you are available.

It is possible to apply as a group of two people. Please note that the interviews will be held separately. If you wish to apply as a group please apply using the same method as above. When applying as a group we only consider you for MIX as such, meaning we only accept the both of you or neither.

If you have questions, write to Marc at

We are looking forward to reading your application! ♥