The Jury 2016

Adrian Lloyd Hughes

Adrian Lloyd Hughes is a journalist, TV host, and culture aficionado at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. He is currently hosting the art program ‘KulturRådet’ and popularly known as the Danish ‘Art Valuator’ par excellence. In 2004 he was awarded DR’s Language Award for his expertise with communicating and assessing art for the public. Besides sharing his extensive knowledge on art and culture in its innumerable forms, he resides in Nørrebro with his husband Verner, who works as a communications consultant and moderator of conferences.

Jenny Lund Madsen

Jenny Lund Madsen is a screenwriter who has worked for TV series like ‘Rita’ and ‘Sjit Happens’. She is head writer on a new TV series with an LGBT theme, currently in production, alongside writing feature films for Zentropa, Nordisk Film, and SF Studios. She sits on the board for Danish Screenwriters where she is fighting for equality in Danish film. Jenny Lund Madsen studied at UCLA and University of Copenhagen where she did her thesis on lesbian representation in Danish film. She lives in Copenhagen with her partner.

Mya Taylor

25-year old Mya Taylor took everyone by storm in her role as Alexandra in last year’s smash-hit ‘Tangerine’ (2015). She is decorated with an Independent Spirit Award, which she snatched away from stark competition, including Cynthia Nixon, making her the first trans woman to win a major film award in the US. When not in Los Angeles, Taylor lives with her partner James in North Dakota. We hope to see more Taylor roles coming out of LA in the future.

John Badalu

John Badalu is a prominent programmer from Asia, where he curates films for international film festivals in Shanghai and Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. He is also a delegate programmer for The Berlinale, and works independently as a film producer. His enormous international and cinematic experience makes him a solid rock in the hectic festival world of producers and distributors, so when he’s not travelling the world, he should be at home in Bangkok.

Monika Treut

Monika Treut is a distinguished German producer and director who has screened films at MIX COPENHAGEN previously, including ‘Of Girls and Horses’ (2014). Treut is a seasoned queer feminist with an established career working with female sexuality, sadomasochism, and power politics. She is always on the look out for new inspiration from the scene and is looking forward to having a discussion about her film ‘Gendernauts: A Journey Through Shifting Identities’ (1999) at the festival on 8/10 at 14.00.