In Competition: The Lili Award

The Lili is awarded to the winners of this year's jury competition for best feature, documentary and short film and is handed out during MIX’s Closing Night. The award is named after the Danish artist Lili Elbe, who in 1930 was the first ever to undergo gender affirming surgery. She was married to artist Gerda Wegener and in 1912 they moved to Paris to live openly as lesbians. The story of Lili represents the courage, freedom and inclusiveness that MIX Copenhagen celebrates. The Lili is awarded for the 15th time, the last 5 years as Lili and former known as the Plus! Prize. In 2015 the Lili Award is given away in a new design by Yassin Askar and Sarah Borup. The shortfilm awarded a Lili is send directly to the Iris Prize Festival the year to come.

Torrey Pines

‘Torrey Pines’ is a story about a dysfunctional family, mental health and gender. It is told by the musician and director, Clyde Petersen, in a beautiful and challenging stop-motion animated film. Through a self-biographical angle, Clyde’s life unfolds before your eyes in a queer punk coming-of-age film, which takes place in the southern California in the early 1990s. Follow Clyde and his family on a journey that will change their relationship forever.

Clyde Petersen

USA, 2016

60 min.

No dialogue

#family #noncisdirector #queer #T #youth

Feature film

October 28, 2017
18:45 | Cinemateket
November 5, 2017
19:00 | Cinemateket

A Date for Mad Mary

The spirited and notorious Mary is released from prison after doing her time for violence and ends up heading straight into another fight - to find a date to take to her best friend's wedding. This light-hearted and funny film depicts the challenges of fitting in, friendship and love.

Darren Thornton

Ireland, 2016

82 min.

English without subtitles

#comingofage #comingout #friendship #lesbian

Feature film

October 28, 2017
19:30 | Cinemateket
November 1, 2017
19:45 | Empire Bio

Dream Boat

Every year the DREAM BOAT hosts a week-long cruise only for gay men. The days and nights onboard the ship, are filled with parties, freedom, and sex – but the men also share their doubts and dreams, and reflect on the political and familial restrictions they are faced with in their everyday life. The film follows five men from five different countries as they dive into the DREAM BOAT experience.

Tristan Ferland Milewski

Germany, 2017

90 min.

German/French/Arabic/English with English subtitles

#cinematic #community #gay #internalisedphobias


October 28, 2017
20:00 | Empire Bio
November 1, 2017
16:45 | Cinemateket

Our Skin

En fortrolig telefonsamtale mellem to komplet fremmede med dybt forskellige baggrunde bliver smukt illustreret i en abstrakt billedverden.

João Queiroga

USA, 2016

16 min.

English without subtitles

#comingout #generational #love #senior

Short film

October 29, 2017
16:15 | Cinemateket


17-year-old Elio spends time in the hot-drenched summer in northern Italy in 1983 transcribing classical music, reading books and living in a world where time doesn't seem to exist. When Oliver, his father's new American assistant, comes to their villa to stay and work, Elio's attention changes rapidly and he finds himself drawn to the confident and charming Oliver, while also keeping a distant and cold attitude towards him. Elio and Oliver both spend the summer discovering things they didn't know about themselves.

Monja Art

Østrig, 2017

104 min.

Tysk med engelske undertekster

#bi #binary #cinematic #comingofage #comingout #youth

Feature film

November 2, 2017
16:30 | Cinemateket
November 1, 2017
11:30 | Cinemateket